Dedicated YTH is the is the Junior High and High School Ministry here at Church LV. There are many opportunities for students to get involved! We have a weekly experiences and groups that meet throughout the month.



It is our desire for the young people of our church to catch a vision for what God has for their lives and to find community and leaders to share their journey. We meet monthly for Dedicated Night at Church LV, where we come together to passionately worship God, hear a relevant teaching, and provide opportunities for students to join a small group. We love seeing young people encourage each other to live a life centered on Jesus.


1st Wednesday of the month

Revival Night at Church LV, 7PM, entire church


2nd Wednesday of the month

Youth Series Launch at Church LV, 7PM, youth only


3rd Wednesday of the month

Youth Group Night at Church LV, 7PM, youth only


4th Wednesday of the month

Youth Series Finale at Church LV, 7PM, youth only

68 (Middle School Ministry)


Our phenomenal team meets with junior high students every weekend in the conference room. They teach and activate students to be passionate about discipleship. They pray for each other. And they play fun and interactive games. We are passionate about your children encountering the Lord and being challenged to grow and go deeper in the things of God, so make sure your junior highers check out this awesome class!



Small Groups are the place where discipleship and friendships take place. Through small groups students will grow in their relationship with Jesus and get connected with a leader and other students their age. Small groups meet in a variety of locations, and you can find a group that fits your schedule. Click here to find a group!